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Button Fly & Zipper Repair / Replace Service

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$70.00 - $80.00
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Service Highlights:

Zipper Repair: Our highly trained staff expertly repairs jeans by replacing broken zippers on jeans and other pants designed in twills, canvas, or corduroy. We make certain that the sewing and thread size closely match the original construction, ensuring that your jeans look as good as new.

Repair Button Fly: We produce handmade jeans, so of course we know how to replace the button fly. If your button fly jeans are falling apart or require more than repair stitching, trust us to replace the inside button panel and restore them with perfection.

How we repaired the zipper on these jeans

As denim experts, we can observe in our example photo that the fly of these jeans came off the teeth because the factory most likely tried to save money on zippers by employing a zipper that was too long for these jeans. Even the most well-known brands could fail to recognize production issues or hire subpar factories.

The original zipper lacks a bottom metal stopper. Because of sewing, the factory counted on the zipper head running out of room to go down further than the teeth. That was not the case, as the zipper head-over-shot the teeth.

We disassembled the fly from its seams, waistband, and bar tacks. We replaced the zipper with one that contains stoppers at the top and bottom, as they should for proper performance, and then reassembled the fly. The only difference was that we used matching navy stitching on the zipper tape.