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On the left, a close-up of raw denim jeans shows the original chain-stitched hem removed to shorten the inseam length. The finished product, featuring a new chain stitch hem, is placed next to the original hem for comparison. On the right, a before-and-af

No One Does Jeans or T-Shirt Hemming Better

Chain stitch hem denim jeans—crop or shorten t-shirts

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Shop TCB Jeans (Two Cats Brand) 60's, 50's, Working Cat Hero jeans for men, and Norma jeans for women, made in Japan.

TCB Japanese selvedge denim

Men's and women's selvedge denim jeans: discounted denim tailoring with purchase

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Cone White Oak selvedge raw denim American-made jeans with tailoring service added to taper the legs and fit. Both jeans and alterations service by Williamsburg Garment Co. located in Brooklyn, New York.

Raw Denim American-made Jeans + Alterations

West Coast Alteration now open

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