Work examples of Denim Repairs and Crotch Blowouts

It’s never been easier to save your favorite pair of jeans with denim repairs from experts who also manufacture jeans right in our own shop. We can take a jean apart and put it back together without much notice of the work. We can handle most any repair worth doing.

 For only $10, we cover the shipping both to-and-from our shop from anywhere in the USA. After checking-out our work examples, head over to the ALTERATIONS section under the SHOP menu to place orders.

Damaged jean repair on Williamsburg denim. Review & order pants repairs and darning jeans online. Like a denim doctor, we repaired this jean with large holes.

Shown above and below, a few examples of jeans in need of crotch blowout restoration. Each photo shows the jeans as they came in before our work began.  To see close-up photos – before & after denim repairs, select the image of your choice.

Mom's home made repair given denim therapy. Repair jeans crotch with holes using denim darning. Expert denim repair NYC / USA

Crotch blowout holes on black Naked and Famous jeans. Large holes in ripped in jeans crotch in for repair. Ripped jeans with holes in seat repaired.