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Women's Stretch Selvedge Jeans (Pre-Soaked) Slim - DRIGGS AVE

Williamsburg Garment Co.

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Crafted with precision in Brooklyn, New York, our Women's Selvedge Jeans are the epitome of denim excellence. Our exclusive presoaking technique before sewing ensures that each pair retains its raw denim look with added softness, preventing shrinkage.

Fashioned for comfort and style, these slim-fit jeans boast a slightly loose leg and a mid-long rise, enhancing your figure with their versatile cut. The vibrant red-orange selvedge edge, paired with polished copper hardware and subtle golden brown stitching, offers a timeless appeal.

Limited in production, each pair is a distinctive creation. Don't miss the chance to own these artisanal jeans—when you see your size, it's an opportunity to invest in a piece of New York's finest denim legacy.