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Slim Tapered Raw Denim Jeans - HOPE ST

Williamsburg Garment Co.

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The Hope Street jeans, like our other jeans made in Brooklyn, are where rarity and craftsmanship converge to create a denim experience unlike any other. Made in the USA and crafted in limited quantities, these slim tapered jeans epitomize the dedication to quality and attention to detail that our Brooklyn studio is known for.

Fashioned from the now-scarce 13 oz. Cone White Oak American-made raw denim, every inch of fabric speaks volumes of a storied heritage—one that's no longer in production. This not only makes each pair a collector's item but also a tribute to a legacy of American denim-making.

The Hope Street stands out with its distinctive fit—a harmonious blend of our designs. It features a larger waist opening for comfort, modeled to be straight from the hips to the waist, while retaining a close fit in the seat and thigh reminiscent of our Grand Street model. The tapering is precise, culminating in a leg opening even more refined than our skinny fit, South 4th Street model, ensuring a silhouette that's both flattering and modern.

Each pair is a work of art, individually created and meticulously assembled by hand, imbued with the personal touch of our brand's designer. Autographed with hand-drawn pocket bags and dated, your Hope Street jeans are not just tailored attire but a personal statement.

Equipped with a zipper fly, the jeans are accented with heavyweight polished copper buttons and rivets—each element echoing the durability and aesthetic of classic American denim. The Hope Street jeans are more than just clothing; they're a testament to the enduring spirit of Brooklyn's craftsmanship and the rare beauty of American-made denim.

Shrinkage and Stretching:

Enthusiast of raw jeans know to expect growth and shrinkage with raw denim over time. Read our detailed article on the life cycle of Hope’s stretching and shrinking.