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Custom made slim tapered jeans

The Hope Street Custom made jeans are produced in our slim tapered fit and handmade in standard denim.

The Hope Street fits a bit different from our other three core men's models. It has a larger waist opening, because it is straighter from hips to the waist. The seat and thigh area's are closer to our slim fit (Grand Street) with a bit of ease in the upper block, while the leg opening is tapered, and even smaller than our skinny fit (South 4th Street) model.

  • Choose Zipper Fly or Button Fly
  • Select Thread colors
  • Select inseam length
  • Slim tapered Hope Street fit

Shrinkage and Stretching:

Enthusiast of raw jeans know to expect growth and shrinkage with raw denim over time. Read our detailed article on the life cycle of Hope’s stretching and shrinking.


  • 5
    A Five for Fit!

    Posted by theruggedgeek on 15th Feb 2019

    A little over 15 months ago, I began to dabble in the world of premium raw denim and started to look at jeans that were a cut above the standard mall variety. I wore two pairs of quality denim from a small but well-regarded Japanese company in rotation over a period of about a year, and that taught me a lot about measurements. From here I developed quite specific preferences about fit, and this is my favourite aspect of these original Hope Street jeans. They offer a relaxed waist, low-mid rise, rather slim (but not skinny or skin-tight thighs), a sharp taper down the knee to the hem, creating a form-fitting silhouette through the calf and a snug leg opening. This cut is perfect for people who carry more weight below their waist, seat and thighs, but have a skinnier calf and slightly longer legs relative to their torso. Even with extensive research, I have found only a couple of other alternatives that match those criteria for fit. They do have more unusual fabric and details, but they are easily priced for twice as much. These jeans fit me incredibly well with the exception of the waist, which is still slightly large even in their smallest size. However the shape of the top block means they sit perfectly on the hip while giving breathing room when I sit down, and I never need to use a belt. The front pocket openings and the back pockets are perfectly sized and placed for the size and cut, so the back of the jeans are flattering, never sloppy. All hardware is of a substantial quality and the bright copper colour of the top button is attractive. The fabric has a smooth hand and is very soft after the initial wash. It has zero break-in period and is instantly comfortable. For my local climate, the weight of the fabric is perfect and can be worn comfortably all year. The details are understated and I enjoy the added functionality of the unique coin pockets. These pockets are no gimmick, as they are genuinely roomy enough for spare change and keys. I do have some minor quibbles. The front pocket bags are too shallow and I would have preferred more real estate here for my wallet and car remote. The embellishments on the inside of the waistband appear to be attached with adhesive rather than sewn on, so they are starting to peel away after one wash and 2 weeks of wear. The front zipper could run a little short for some folk but for me they do match the cut of the jeans rather well. To summarise, the OG Hope Street is a no-nonsense jean with solid construction made with durable fabric from an iconic American mill, and the fit is pure genius, a great testament to the work of Maurice. The combination of the unique “tweener” fit plus the dark, unwashed appearance creates a jean that is smart, versatile and looks slightly edgy. The icing on the cake is the low-priced yet quality hemming job that can be optioned in at the time of purchase, plus that eye-catching contrast stitching. If your measurements line up with these, I suggest to immediately buy a pair before they sadly disappear forever. Final note: expect minimal shrinkage for these, even on an initial hot wash. I lost about an inch in the inseam (for a size 28), and barely perceptible reductions in other areas. I made room for this when getting a hem at the time of purchase and now have an inseam of the perfect length.

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    A little tight in the calf area

    Posted by Deron Jarvis on 9th Mar 2018

    Overall probably the best pair of jeans I ever owned, just a little tight in the calf area but other than that, great!! I’ll try a different style next time.

  • 5
    Best jeans I've ever owned

    Posted by Matt on 23rd Dec 2017

    I've been trying to get a solid pair of relatively inexpensive raw denim pants for awhile now, and had a few false starts and disappointing purchases. But these are completely awesome. The fit is perfect, the quality is top notch, and I can tell I'll be wearing these almost every day for years to come. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Best. Raw. Demin.

    Posted by Ryan Strandjord on 6th Dec 2016

    This is my second pair and I absolutely love these jeans. Takes a little bit to break them in but that's part of the fun. My advice: don't ever wash them.

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    First Pair of Raw Denim -- I'm hooked!

    Posted by Unknown on 27th Oct 2016

    Got these in the mail earlier this week and after a few wears I can honestly say that as far as fit, color, texture, etc. these are the best pair of jeans I've ever owned. The length is great as I like to cuff my pants and while the waist is slightly large, when I do my first soak/wash they should be snug around but not constricting. Can't wait for more from WGC in the future!

  • 5
    Amp Fiddlers Hope street jeans

    Posted by Amp on 8th Feb 2016

    I bought this pair of jeans 5 days ago. And 5 days later I am still wearing them and have had them on every single day ........I love em!

  • 5
    Best Pair of jeans i ever had

    Posted by AR Mously on 27th Jan 2015

    I found these pair once at a denim store and they had a good discount, so i got me a pair. After just one week it became my favorite pair of jeans, the fit is perfect, the color is great, the quality of the denim itself is really nice. My favorite thing about this pair is the fit, it has sort of a relaxed low waist and a tight (not skinny) leg as which works perfectly with my style. these were soo good that I had to buy my self another one just in case something happened with my current one, great deal.

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    Best damn pants I've ever owned.

    Posted by Austin on 17th Mar 2014

    I blew out two pairs of rather pricey Levi's in one year and decided enough is enough. I wear my jeans every single day. I do everything in them (YUP, EVEN THAT) and I need denim that keeps up. I had been eyeballing these for some time and, when my second pair of Levi's simply couldn't hang with the big boys anymore, I ordered a pair. They showed up in 48 hours and upon opening the package it was immediately obvious to me that these were not the jeans I, as a hoodwinked American consumer, was used to paying my hard earned money for. These were worth much more than I paid for them. $125 for a pair of USA made, high quality jeans that fit correctly and look incredible? Amazing. I'm a smaller guy and finding denim that fits without looking either like leggings or like I'm starring in a mid 90's hip hop video is nearly impossible. Tired of denim that can't keep up? Tired of pants made for nerds? Tired of paying $80 a pair for dogshit put together in some sweltering hellhole in the Pacific rim by near-slave-children who aren't getting paid a goddamn living wage? Then these are the jeans you've been looking for. Quit fucking around and buy them. You can tell a lot about a man by the denim he wears. What's yours say about you?

  • 5
    love them!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Mar 2014

    Great look. Nice fit. Perfect length