Shipping and return procedures explained


USA General Shipping Procedure for Alterations: 2-Way, 3-Parts & UPS Express

Labels are made manually throughout the day; they are not sent automatically. If you place your order after business hours, emailed labels may take up to 16 hours to arrive.

Here's how it works: First, you'll get an email with a tracking number. You can use that number to track your package once the alterations are done and it's on its way back to you. After that email, you'll get a shipping label that you use to send us your garments. You can put the label on any box or package that you feel is safe for shipping.

The carriers' normal coverage insures packages up to $100. Under the Alterations Menu you can purchase additional Shipping Insurance. If you choose to purchase additional shipping insurance, your shipments will be protected in both directions.

Residents of Hawaii and the United States Virgin Islands: USPS is the quickest and most cost-effective carrier for shipping 1 to 3 pairs of jeans. You must, however, use a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box, which is available for free at the post office. Please specify in the "Notes" section at checkout that you will be utilizing a USPS Medium Flat Rate Box to expedite the process of receiving your return label. If not, we will have to contact you and ask if you intend to utilize the USPS Medium Flat Rate Box, which will cause your order to be delayed.

3-Parts, Ship As Ready

Ship As Ready is the new 3-part shipping process that allows us to divide your return shipments in order to get items from alterations services that are completed faster without waiting for those that require longer production times.

For example, we frequently receive alterations orders that include tapering and hemming. While the hemming part of the order may take 1-7 days, the tapering portion of the order could take 2 weeks or more. We will return ship your order in two parts if you select Ship As Ready. Rush, Hemming, Repairs, and other shorter-time services will be grouped and returned separately from those that require longer turnaround times, such as standard Tapering and Waistband alterations.

2-Way Flat Rate

Alterations services: This is the most cost-effective shipping choice. With 2-Way Flat Rate shipping, we email customers a prepaid UPS or USPS shipping label and return ship the clothing once the alterations work is finished.

Items purchased: If you select 2-Way Flat Rate shipping when you make a purchase, you can request a pre-paid return label if you need to exchange, return, or refund the item. Items must be returned at the customer's expense if 2-Way Flat Rate shipping is not selected.

1-Way Shipping

Alterations services: 1-Way Shipping is for customers who either drop off their items in person or ship them to us at their own expense. After the alterations are completed, we ship the items back. 

Items purchased: 1-Way Shipping can be used to possibly save money when ordering items that are not expected to need a return. However, if an item does not fit or needs to be returned for any reason, the customer must ship the item back at their own expense.


The Pick-Up/Drop-Off option is for customers who prefer to pick up and collect their items at our actual retail location, either in person or by utilizing their own courier service and giving us with a return label. This option is also available for adding an order to an existing order that has not yet been dispatched to the customer.