Remember when Ivanka Trump wore Maurice Malone?

Posted by Maurice Malone / Photo: REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo on 8th Nov 2016

Remember when Ivanka Trump wore Maurice Malone?

Ivanka Trump models Maurice Malone during New York Fashion Week at a time when both Clintons & Trumps were friends. Whoever wins today, let’s all come back together for a stronger country!

Ivanka Trump wearing Maurice Malone in fashion show

Today is National Election Day. Our message today,.. simply “VOTE!” And, no matter what party wins, let’s all come back together to make a stronger country!

At Williamsburg Garment Company, we like selling Republicans, Democrats and Independents. In no way is this post an indorsement or a suggestion that you vote for one party over another because the choice to use this photo of Ivanka Trump when she modeled in my Maurice Malone Fall 1999 New York Fashion Week runway show when both the Clintons and Trumps were friends – I simply don’t have any images of a Clinton wearing WGC or Maurice Malone related clothing to even things out. So… in the spirit to keep things bipartisan, I would like to say, as the designer of WGC, the one person I would most love to see in our jeans is President Obama – who did inspire me to move Williamsburg’s denim production from China to the U.S.A.

WGC wishes that everyone safely cast their vote today. And tomorrow, we come together to move forward to make the country better. Also… vote Williamsburg Garment Company when choosing your next pair of jeans (made in the USA)!