Mens jeans size 42 fit guide for big guys

raw denim mens jeans size 42 made in usa close-up

This guide reviews and compares big men's slim vs straight fits in jeans size 42. Shown below are Williamsburg's American made gray raw jeans in the Grand Street and South 2nd Street fit in indigo.

Mens jeans size 42 Grand St. slim gray raw denim jeans made in usa Mens jeans size 42 S 2nd St straight fit raw denim jeans made in usa
Williamsburg Garment Co. Williamsburg Garment Co.
Grand St. - Slim Fit S 2nd St. - Straight
Waist (Measured along top WB) Size:42


Seat (Measured 8"below Waist Band)


Front Rise (Including WB)
12 3/4" 13 1/2"
Thigh (Measured 1" Below Crotch)
29 1/2" 30 1/2"
Leg Opening
17 3/4" 20"
Inseam Length
36" 35 1/2"
Zipper & Button Fly Zipper & Button Fly
Wide,Selvedge,Rigid & Stretch Wide,Selvedge & Rigid
Made in USA Made in USA
$189 - $290 $189 - $249

Contrast jeans size 42 specs of the two fits available from our Big and Tall denim collection – Williamsburg Grand Street vs South 2nd Street

We take great pride in producing some of the best American made jeans in the market, but what really sets us apart is our high-quality jeans in sizes for big men. Here we review slim vs straight (relaxed fit jeans) in men’s jeans size 42, comparing the Grand Street to South 2nd Street in jeans size 42. Both styles are shown in raw denim models, but the fits remain the same, no matter if we are talking washed or raw jeans. However, keep in mind shrinkage and growth factors that come with wearing and caring for raw denim.

The waist opening is the same on both fits. South 2nd measures an additional 1-inch at the seat and thigh. The front rise is also a 3/4-inch longer. As in all the big men’s jeans, size 42x34 has an actual inseam that measures about 36 inches long. If you need, as example size 42x30 jeans, make sure to check under our Shop Menu for “Alterations” where we offer hemming services to shorten length. We would also advise tapering if you are ordering the Grand Street and plan to shorten the inseam more than a few inches, because the leg opening will get wider the higher the placement.


Chart showing how to taper jeans and effects of hemming

 Measurements are taken from mens jeans size 42 actual production samples. Our recorded specs may differ slightly from jean to jean, so we average and take into consideration the targeted measurements. When comparing sizing, please note, we use total circumference measurements in our fit charts. Others may use 1/2-circumference.