Important alterations service time notes

It is important to realize that some alterations services take longer than others. Excluding Rush Orders, tapering and waistband tailoring could take more than 30 days dduring peak seasons. We recommend separating orders with faster turnaround times from those with slower turnaround times. This can be accomplished quickly and affordably with both online orders and in-person drop-offs.

WGC staff member Olivia professionally repairing jeans with large holes

How To Separate Online Orders

Customers who shop online can now affordably split shipments into three sections within a single order. When you select our new 3-Part Shipping Option at checkout, we'll ship the parts of your order that are anticipated to finish first so that those parts of your order that can be shipped immediately and won't be held up by alterations that require more time

  • We email you a shipping label to send us your items
  • We return ship the first completed items
  • We return ship the last complete items

Separate Walk-in Orders

It is advisable and simple to separate walk-in orders. Fast turnaround services like hemmed jeans, denim repairs, and t-shirt alterations should always be separated from lengthy turnaround services like tapering and taking in waistbands when ordering in-person without the need for shipping. Separating orders doesn't cost anything, but combining services could mean lengthier wait times for things could be delivered quickly.

If you are in or around New York City, you can stop by anytime during business hours. There's no need to make an appointment. Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.