Un-washed stretch selvedge aged raw denim jeans

Williamsburg Customer Fades Review: Never washed raw stretch selvedge with high contrasting cell phone fades

The jeans below are 11.25 ounce American made Williamsburg stretch selvedge jeans worn by a customer. There are no customer supplied dates about the age or wear associated with this pair, but we can assume this style has never been washed since purchased as a raw denim jean (see product page for before look). Looking at the deep, dark color in the base blue and highlights, we can see the jeans have absorbed body oils which generally cause the white yarns and indigo blue shades to darken or achieve a dirty tint. You can see the wearer also carries his mobile phone in his right pocket and possibly keys in his left. For more information on raw denim fading and related terms check out our blog post. These are the types of unique aging attributes raw jeans will pick-up during normal wear. 

We enjoy getting to review customer fades. If you have fades of Williamsburg Jeans you’d like us to see, let us know

raw denim fades on dark never washed jeansraw denim fades on dark never washed jeans back side