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Original Hems Restoration Service

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Service to fix jeans sewn with original hem alterations

You've come to undo or reverse the shoddy hemming on your jeans. You probably gave your jeans to a tailor who didn't have the proper sewing equipment and sold you an alteration that said something like, "it would allow you to keep the original hem while shortening your inseam." Everything sounded fine until you picked up your jeans and discovered they were ruined. You could also be like some of our customers, who came to us thinking that an original hem alteration meant replicating the original factory sewing on the jeans, which is usually chain stitching, but simply misunderstood the definition and let a suits and dresses shop ruin their denim.

Whether you're perplexed or not, we started this alteration service to reverse and restore monstrously sewn hems. We receive so many jeans for chain stitch hemming that are poorly tailored with original hems that customers want fixed that we had to start this service to reduce the amount of time we spend explaining the process and outcome, as well as disassembling the hems.

There are numerous methods to sew original hems. Some techniques will leave enough seam allowance to re-sew the jeans without affecting the length, whereas others will result in the jeans being shorter after the re-attached hem is removed. It's critical to understand this so you know what you're up against when it comes to restoring your hems.

To sew the hems of jeans correctly, the leg opening must be double folded. It is necessary to use an industrial-strength sewing machine capable of punching wide needles with heavy threads through multiple layers of denim, which is especially thick at the seams. For hemming, most denim specialists and factories use a chain stitch sewing machine. To handle heavy denim jeans, general tailors and seamstresses devised a workaround known as the "original hem" technique.