Naked and Famous Easy Guy tapered to perfection athletic fit jeans

Tapered raw denim Naked and Famous Easy Guy athletic fit jeans custom tailored to fit like best jeans for men with big thighs.

By Maurice Malone  Published November 3, 2022

Guys with muscular thighs and athletic bodies who are into raw denim, better and domestically produced jeans are probably familiar with the Naked and Famous Easy Guy fit. The jeans provide adequate extra room in the thigh and seat without requiring a larger waist size, which are the major areas of concern in athletic fit jeans. But what about the rest of the fit?

An inside view of men’s Naked and Famous athletic fit jeans shows the sewing and construction details to visually explain how WGC tapers flat-felled seam jeans from the inseam.

We customize the legs from the thighs down, taking in and re-positioning the knees when needed after adjusting the inseam lengths. We also alter the leg opening (hem) to the wearer’s ideal size. By modernizing and customizing the fit, we can make the best jeans for men with big thighs by completely personalizing the silhouette. Because we taper from the inseam, as is the proper way to taper jeans, the outseam remains straight and the selvedge is untouched.

Our jean tapering service is world-class, thanks not only to our denim factory equipment, but also to our extensive knowledge of designing and manufacturing jeans. We knew that traditional tailoring techniques weren't the best for jeans when we first started doing denim alterations, so we did things our way.

Inside view of the chain-stitched hem and flat-felled seam on the leg of a pair of jeans.

Taking clothing apart, resizing it, and reassembling it, matching construction style, minute details, thread sizes, and colors. This helps to keep the jeans' factory-sewn appearance, distinguishing us from other denim specialists and making us far superior to common tailors.

Customized Measurements

Inseam Leg Opening Knee Width Knee Placement
31" 13" (6.5 half) 16 1/2" (8.5 half) 12" Below Crotch