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Men's Jeans Fit Guide: Compare Top Denim Brands

How to use Men's Jeans Fit Guide

The four styles below feature Williamsburg jeans from the smallest to largest fits, left to right. You can compare skinny jeans to slim fit jeans or slim fit to slim fits, as well as find out makes slim jeans different from slim tapered, by reviewing vital measurements.

  1. Select the Williamsburg fit that you are most interested in comparing
  2. A new window will open with jeans from other brands to compare & view measurements
  3. Choose the second fit to compare, ideally one you know, from the expanded list of jeans
  4. To compare Williamsburg to Williamsburg jeans, select our jeans on the bottom row 
Fit of S 4th Street raw denim skinny jeans made in USA Fit of S Hope St. raw denim slim tapered jeans made in USA
Williamsburg Williamsburg
S 4th St. - Skinny Hope St. - Slim Tapered
Fit of Grand St. raw denim slim jeans made in USA Fit of S 2nd St. raw denim straight jeans made in USA
Williamsburg Williamsburg
Grand St. - Slim S 2nd St. - Straight

Guide use notes:

We use sizes 30 & 32 jeans for comparison in the sizing charts. However, the measurement differences are estimated to be the same throughout all sizes.

Example: If there is a ½ inch difference at the waist opening shown between two sized 32 jeans, and you wear size 36, it is likely the difference will remain ½ inch if both jeans were listed as size 36. The overall measurements on the larger sizes will be greater, but the difference between the two fits will remain about a ½ inch.