Denim therapy given to jeans repaired by mom and resuscitated

A guy bought these jeans in to be saved after his mom tried to fix the holes with a bit of hand darning. Using red thread we might add.

This is the perfect example why to go for professional denim repair service. We managed to provide a bit of denim therapy and help bring this jean back from the edge of embarrassment. Although, we couldn’t spend the time required to pick all the red threads out and forgoing cutting larger chunks of fabric to get rid of the red, we did manage to save them.



Instead of searching for tutorials about how to patch jeans or home denim darning. Save time and your jeans by sending them out for professional restoration at Williamsburg Garment Company. For only $10, we cover all the shipping cost anywhere in the USA, so you don’t have to be in NYC for great repairs.

Jeans with repaired crotch after our denim therapy.

Author: Maurice Malone Aug. 5, 2018