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Denim Labels To Watch

January 2013 issue of WeAr magazine with cover and article "Denim labels to watch" features Williamsburg Garment Company as one of the best new brands for 2013.

By Maurice Malone  Published November 30, 2022

Everyone in the denim industry who had heard our story in 2012 could see us coming. In the years preceding the launch of WGC, I struggled to finance and launch a new tailored designer fashion label called "Fat Mattresses & Golden Underwear," before asking myself, "Why not just do a new denim brand, which is what I am most known and respected for? It would be much less expensive and much easier to sell." That is how Williamsburg Garment Company got its start as a denim brand.

More than a decade later, here we are. Check out this article from WeAr Magazine's January 2013 issue.

Words by WeAr Magazine

Autodidact Maurice Malone built his exclusive denim label Williamsburg Garment on two core ideas: it’s a small-time business operating on a cash-only-to-trade model. For years, the designer had problems finding the perfect jeans at a good price, so he decided to build his own brand. He believes the true essentials of a great jean is quality, fit and fabric, rather than branding details like pocket stitching, labeling and embroidery. He also wants to keep the focus on a fair price for both customers and retailer. To achieve these goals, Maurice offers limited distribution per city, operates at a small profit margin, and makes retailers pay for the goods before they are shipped.

Interchangeable simplicity in design is the ongoing theme, resulting in gender neutral styles that can be updated without major changes. New colors, fabrics and prints make the difference, along with the unique coin pockets