Find Your Perfect Pair: Custom-Made Size 50 Jeans with Shorter Inseams

Custom made in Brooklyn selvedge raw denim custom made jeans size 50x25.
Inside detail of short men's size 50 jeans handmade in Brooklyn, New York, and autographed by the denim designer Maurice Malone

 By Maurice Malone Published July 25, 2020

For those who wear size 50 jeans and find it challenging to get those elusive shorter inseam lengths, you've found the right place. We're experts at crafting jeans, and our size range is broad—from a lean 28 to a big boy's size 50. But it's not just about the numbers; it's about providing quality denim that fits you perfectly.

Let's start with the fabric. These tailored jeans are handmade in 100% cotton. The weight is a hefty 13.5 ounces, which screams durability. This isn't your average denim; we get our premium raw Japanese selvedge from Nihon Menpu Textile in Japan. You can feel the level of craftsmanship and count on its durability.

Stitching matters, and we've nailed that too. The best thing about our custom jeans is that you get to choose the details. Stitch color can define the mood of the style.

To make jeans look like jeans, the owner of this pair chose the time-honored pigskin hue and paid close attention to detail, highlighting them with zesty orange chain stitching on the inside. It's the little things that make a tremendous difference.

The front view of selvedge raw denim custom-tailored jeans made in the USA in waist size 50x25-inch inseam
Rear view of slim Japanese selvedge big men's raw denim custom jeans with a size 50 waist and short inseam length, made in USA.

In terms of details, the client for these selvedge jeans, size 50, selected our signature heavyweight copper buttons and rivets. His finishing touch was to select an easy-to-handle zipper fly.

If you're on the hunt for custom-made jeans, our offerings won't disappoint. You customize your leg shape and inseam lengths, like the rare-to-find 25 1/2" inseam where the turn at the knees is placed right where you need it. Imagine that jeans are designed for your body type and height.

Short-inseam guys, your denim quest ends today with American-made Williamsburg Garment Company's high-quality raw denim jeans. If you're undecided between size, fit, and specs, check out our fit guide, comparing the measurements of our "South 2nd Street" straight fit to our "Grand Street" slim fit.

So, why settle for sloppy-looking, cheap, old-man jeans when you can have top-quality, great-fitting jeans, built-to-last, in big men's sizes? Step into our world of superior, handcrafted denim, made in the USA, and find your perfect pair. After all, jeans aren't just pants; they're an extension of who you are.