Compare Tellason slim tapered fit to Williamsburg S 4th Street men’s skinny jeans

Compared, Tellason slim tapered fit vs Williamsburg men’s skinny jeans size charts– Ladbroke Grove vs S 4th Street 


Comparing the Tellason Ladbroke Grove slim fit vs. the Williamsburg South 4th Street men’s skinny jeans, you’ll find that the measurements of the Williamsburg jeans are smaller, as skinny jeans should be compared to slim jeans. 

We believe that the same size would be worn in both jeans, but expect the Williamsburg jeans to have a bit less excess fabric in the waist and seat, being that it’s a skinny jean. The thigh measurements are the same in both the South 4th Street jeans and the Ladbroke Grove jeans. However, Williamsburg’s skinny jeans are made with stretch, which will be more comfortable and form fitting.

South 4th St raw denim stretch selvedge skinny jeans

Williamsburg Garment Co.

South 4th St. - Skinny Fit

Tellason Ladbroke Grove Slim raw denim slim fit American made jeans


Ladbroke Grove - Slim Fit

Waist (Measured along top WB) Size:30

31 1/2"

32 1/2"

Seat (Measured 8"below WB)


39 1/4"

Front Rise (Including WB)


9 1/8"

Thigh (Measured 1" Below Crotch)



Leg Opening

13 1/2"

14 1/4"



34 1/2"




Fabric Comments

11.5 oz Stretch Selvedge

14.5 oz Selvedge Rigid

Suggested Retail Price



Country of Make




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