Brooklyn's preeminent denim brand reviewed by China's Yoho Magazine's "Denim Issue"

China's Yoho Magazine covers popluar U.S. denim store Williamsburg Garment Co.
By Maurice Malone  Published June 9, 2019
We may not have a PR staff, representative, or spend lots of advertising dollars with major media outlets, which does help to gain favor in magazine write-ups. However, those who invest time and effort seeking real quality jeans and denim services usually find their way to us. A few months ago, our store received a visit from Yoho, one of China's most influential streetwear magazines and fashion platforms. Here is their review.
As one of Brooklyn's preeminent denim brands, manufacturing jeans inside our Brooklyn-based shop and in Los Angeles. We thank all those, from all over the world, who put in the effort to find the best quality American-made jeans.