Blue & Raw Denim with Black

Raw Denim & Black

@spaceboy-illinois wears black "Mama Knows Selvedge" t-shirt under raw denim shirt with black selvedge jeans.

@spaceboy_illinois in black Mama Knows Selvedge t-shirt


Shop this style in it's original collectors version with our first flagship Havemeyer store address before it updates.Mama knows selvedge black t-shirt


Destroyed wash denim work shirt by Williamsburg Garment Company contrast black on black

@oketoburks wears Williamsburg destroyed wash navy-yard work shirt under black on black look for contrast that works.

@oketoburks wearing destroyed denim shirt

Williamsburg navy-yard work shirt for men was a best-seller from 2013 to 2014. No longer available in the light-washed version, but is currently made-to-order by the designer at our Brooklyn store in raw denim stretch model.

Destroyed wash navy-yard work shirt