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Based in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY - showing serious pride for the neighborhood the designer has lived and worked in for nearly 20 years, all styles are named after Streets located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The jeans are designed, warehoused and shipped from Brooklyn and are produced mainly with Cone Mills Denim from North Carolina. A few speciaty styles are produced with Japanese Denim. All styles are sewn and washed in Los Angeles, California.

Launched November 2011, WGC is the brain child of Maurice Malone who took Apple’s motto to heart and thought differently, coming up with a formula for success that no one has tried before. Operating as a 1-man company, the brands quick rise to international stardom lead to Brooklyn and L Magazines article entitled “The Steve Jobs of Denim?

As a 1-man operation, the brand was started with about $3,500 and 3 styles. The first jeans were imports until Maurice became inspired by President Obama's call to bring more business back to the USA. In the Spring of 2013, the brand lauched the Hope Street jeans, the labels first MADE in USA jean. Since the end of 2013, all products have been America Made.




Recorded at Brooklyn Denim Company where WGC has a wide selection of men's and women's jeans,  Designer Maurice Malone of Williamsburg Garment Company discusses his "Small Time Operation." 

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