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Washi Denim (Japanese Paper) Custom Tailored Jeans for Big Thighs & Small Waist

Jeans for men with big thighs custom-tailored in raw selvedge washi denim (Japanese paper)

By Maurice Malone  Published November 7, 2021

We produced this beautiful pair of raw selvedge custom-made jeans for a bodybuilder client in washi denim, which is denim made from Japanese paper (wa (和) meaning Japanese and shi (紙) meaning paper). The fabric is extremely comfortable and looks heavy, but it is lightweight and smooth to the touch with a bit of sheen. The fabric feels to be more breathable than cotton, and although rigid - without elastic, it also gives as if it has a little stretch.

Custom-made jeans for guys with big thighs handmade in washi selvedge denim in Brooklyn, NY

To custom-tailor this pair of jeans, we started with the patterns from our size 44 South 2nd Street straight-leg fit. The style fit our client well at the thighs, rise, and seat areas. However, he has a waist much smaller than most guys wearing size 44 jeans, so we aggressively ease the waist into the seat.

For styling, the client went with black stitching and metal trim for less contrast and darkens the raw denim look. This gives it a more sophisticated, ready-for-the-office look. Check out the final measurements on these jeans with our chart. You won't find these specs in store-bought pants.

Size 44 South 2nd Street
Waist (along top WB) 43 1/2"
Seat (8" below WB) 52 1/2"
Front Rise (includ. WB) 14"
Thigh (1" below crotch) 31"
Knee (12 1/2" below crotch) 21 3/4"
Leg Opening (total cirm.) 16"
Inseam 32 3/4"
Country of Make Brooklyn, NY USA