Our early years in denim repair work - Crotch Blowout

By Maurice Malone Published August 06, 2018 (updated November 15, 2021)

Back in 2018, we would have to admit we were just learning. However, we came a long way. Take a look back at this early crotch repairs article.

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that you wear regularly? Well, it’s not a matter of if, but when will you need to call on someone to repair them?
Take these jeans for example. They were designed with a double layer of fabric in the crotch of the seat. However, the lightweight fabric was no match for the punishment that can occur in the crotch and they came in for crotch blowout repair.

Cadence Collection cycling jeans with holes in the crotch
Rear view of Cadence jeans with crotch blowout
Repaired crotch holes on Cadence Collection cycling jeans

When we began our revolutionary 2-Way Shipping the price was only $10 and other denim repair services required you to mail in your jeans with a Q&A form supplied by download from their website.

It’s never been easier to save your favorite pair of jeans. Check our examples of denim repairs and crotch blowouts restoration to help you decide if our professional repair service is right for you. For a shipping fee of $10, we cover the shipping both to-and-from our shop from anywhere in the USA.

Crotch blowout with repair stiitching