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Compare Straight vs Slim fit jeans - (S. 2nd St. vs. Grand St.)

This guide reviews and compares straight vs slim fit jeans by Williamsburg Garment Co. Shown below, the standard raw denim versions of our S. 2nd Street and Grand Street fits. The fits remain the same, no matter if the styles are pre-washed or raw.

Fit of S 2nd St. raw denim straight jeans made in USA Fit of Grand Street raw denim slim jeans made in USA
Williamsburg Garment Co. Williamsburg Garment Co.
S 2nd St. - Straight Grand St. - Slim Fit
Waist (Measured along top WB) Size:32
33 3/4"


Seat (Measured 8"below Waist Band)
40 3/4"

39 3/4"

Front Rise (Including WB)
10 1/4" 10 1/8"
Thigh (Measured 1" Below Crotch)
25 1/4" 24"
Leg Opening
16 1/2" 14 3/4"
Inseam Length
35" 35 1/2"
Zipper or Button Fly Zipper & Button Fly
Non & Selvedge Denim Wide,Selvedge,Rigid & Stretch
Made in USA Made in USA
$139 - $220 $139 - $260

Williamsburg straight and slim fits compared – South 2nd Street vs Grand Street

The South 2nd Street, is a straight leg jean. The leg falls straight down from the knee. It is currently the largest fit in our collection. The Grand Street is the best seller and next step down. 

The biggest fit difference can be found at the thigh to leg openings. The South 2nd Street’s thigh is 1 ¼” larger than the Grand St. The knee measures ¾” larger while the leg opening is 1 ¾” larger on the straight leg. You would wear the same size in both fits but expect a different silhouette.

 Measurements are taken from actual production samples. Our recorded specs may differ slightly from jean to jean, so we average and take into consideration the targeted measurements. When comparing sizing, please note, we use total circumference measurements in our fit charts. Others may use 1/2-circumference.