Slim Lightweight Selvedge Raw Denim Jeans Made in USA - GRAND ST

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10.5-oz. summer weight American selvedge jeans

The Grand Street is the fit name for our men's slim fit jeans. Slightly more relaxed through the legs then our Hope Street fit, the jean have a small leg opening, nice for rolling or sitting atop high top sneaks or boots.

Made in Raw Selvedge Lightweight indigo Denim, Made in the USA with 10.5 oz White Oak Cone denim.  Features include American Flag pocket print with new improved metal buttons and rivet from one of the worlds highest quality producers for metal products for jeans.

This Denim Jean is RAW, unwashed with a light but slightly crisp hand feel. The fabric is Sanforized which means the fabric has been pretreated to decrease the rate of shrinkage of the raw denim. However, if you choose to wash the jeans, expect the jeans to shrink about 1 size or 5% overall for safety.

Raw Denim is best when worn for a long period of time before washing. This way you can form your own natural whiskers, wrinkles and unique worn areas.  If you prefer a softer hand feel, simply give the jeans a quick hand wash to keep them dark and hang dry before wearing.

Sewn with single tone grey stitching for subtle contrast with white selvedge fabric edge, there are no labels or embroidered rear pockets. it's an unbranded jean. Our branding is our unique trademark coin pocket, stealth logo built inside the waist band, and quality at a smart price.

  • 10.5 oz Raw Denim
  • 100% Cotton
  • American Made Denim from Cone Mills White Oak
  • Zipper Fly
  • Made in USA Jeans
  • Grey Stitching

1 Review

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    Attention To Detail High Quality American

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Jan 2018

    Let me start by saying I'm not a denim "collector "and don't chase fads .I was the guy 30 years ago that was always being asked , what kind of jeans are those and where did you get them ?The thing they didn't understand was it wasnt a particular brand .It was that they were raw ,crisp, and unwashed .Inevitably I would tell them they looked like that because I didnt wash them , and when I did it wasnt in a machine .They couldnt comprehend that , seriously .Now people know, but trust me back then the first thing everybody did with a new pair was throw them in the washing machine . I'm happy there are so many companies now making em right and more people appreciating them .But it has also made finding a great pair harder in a crowded and gimmicky market , for me .Call me weird but I'm a grown man who doesn't want cartoon (sorry animay?) characters on my pants that glow in the dark .Nor do I want them to fit so skinny my girlfriend and I swap jeans .And on top of this I wanted a lightweight selvedge that didnt look lightweight .I'm saying all this because after many fails with many trendy companies I found Williamsburg. I ordered a pair and frankly assumed I would be bummed out when they got here and have to send them back like tons before .WRONG.I actually smiled when I opened the box .Lightweight but crisp, great for warm weather .Fit..loose but not baggy .Grey stitching on gray blue denim not orange ..attention to detail..perfect .Never before seen coin pockets ..attention to detail.. smart .If I was able to make my own jeans this is what I would make .They are that good .And material from America and made by a talented American..worth the price all day .And if you need, 5 bucks to have em altered .Quality jeans .Quality service .