Relaxed Straight-Leg Italian Selvedge Jeans Made in USA - S. 2nd ST

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Straight-Leg Italian selvedge raw denim jeans

Time is running out to pre-order any size in the first release of Gray Selvedge Jeans in the relaxed straight fit. The jeans are produced in redline 11.5-oz. Italian raw denim.

Raw jeans are sewn in unwashed fabric which will have a stiff hand feel. This fabric is also sanforized, which means it has been pre-treated to decrease the rate of shrinkage. However, if you choose to wash the jeans, expect them to shrink about 1 size or 5% overall to be safe. For more information, read a few of our many articles like "Stages of raw denim stretching and shrinking."Just one of the post where we discuss how raw denim ages over time.

  • 11.5-oz. Raw Denim
  • Black Buttons & Rivets
  • 100% Cotton 3x1 RHT
  • Italian Selvedge Denim
  • Sanforized Denim
  • Made in USA
  • Gray Stitching