High quality American made jeans

High quality American made jeans

Posted by Maurice Malone on 13th Dec 2015

Our mission:  Make the highest quality American made jeans that go head-to-head with any jeans at any price

We are happy to announce a small, yet big product improvement in all new productions of Williamsburg jeans. Starting with the Stretch Selvage and Japanese Selvage Jeans, which shipped last month and all new styles to follow, we have added a new clear rubber washer at the inside waistband for improved button support.

Inside detail of high quality American made jeans

Over the past summer, our factory loosely applied the male attachment from another supplier into our jean buttons, which caused a few customers to return jeans for broken buttons. Although the problem affected a few jeans out of thousands, it was a few too many for us. We commenced to not only solve the problem, making sure it never happens again, but also make substantial improvements.

The new rubber washer will provide considerable improvements to lightweight denims and other light fabric pants using metal jean buttons this spring and summer seasons. Proving, when you are committed to constantly improving and making great product better, small flaws are seen as opportunities for enhancements.

A clear, focused vision:

To be the world's favorite American Denim Brand